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KD Process is a family business founded over a decade ago by James Kady, a lifelong resident of Tallahassee, Florida. Mr. Kady was honorably discharged from the United States Army after serving his country in the early 80's. After his stint in the service, Kady graduated from his hometown Florida State University with a degree in Criminology. Rounding out his educational background Kady attended the lively Criminal Justice Training Academy where he graduated at the academic top of his class. Kady continued his civil service working as a probation/parole officer and as an investigator with several regulatory agencies for the state of Florida. He currently works as a private investigator/bail bondsman focusing on skip tracing, surveillance and suspect apprehension. He performs work for some of the top rated law firms in the country. With his extensive educational background and practical application, whether you need service of process, location of an elusive individual or a bail bondsman, Kady and his team members are the right individuals for the job.

James Kady through his work as a private investigator recognized the need in the Second Judicial Circuit for qualified and dedicated process servers. Knowing that he could provide the services so desperately needed in this area, Mr. Kady sat for and passed the exam to become a certified process server for the second judicial circuit, with that, KD process was born! Word quickly spread throughout the legal community of Mr. Kady's diligence and affordability. Mr. Kady turned to his family for help to manage the growth of KD process, because he knew that his family shared his work ethic and would continue to prove the professional, diligent, and reliable service of process that his existing clients expected.

KD Process is a Family Owned & Operated Business!

James J. Kady, Owner
Certified Process Server
Licensed Bail Bondsman
Licensed Private Investigator

Sherri L. Kady
Certified Process Server

Mary Jane Kady
Certified Process Server

Kole Kady
Certified Process Server

Jane Kady Ross, CLA
Certified Process Server

Christopher Kady

Wyatt Kady
Front office